Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. discovers and develops innovative therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with serious diseases. Read More

Comprehensive Protein Library

Five Prime’s library of over 5,600 human extracellular proteins, which we believe represent substantially all of the body’s medically important targets for protein therapeutics, is encoded by full-length cDNAs that include both the “5 prime” as well as the “3 prime” end of each cDNA.  The 5 prime end is the most difficult part of the expressed gene to copy using traditional technology generally available to scientists.  Read More

Proprietary Platform

Our drug discovery platform combines complex cell-based screens with a proprietary in vivo screening system to increase the speed and precision of identifying, analyzing and assessing protein drug targets and candidates. We can produce and test thousands of extracellular proteins each week. Read More

Proven Protein Drug Discovery

We are a leader in the discovery of new targets and innovative protein therapeutics.  We are pursuing clinical development of our product candidates both independently and in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners. Read More

Five Prime has three products that are in or nearing clinical development, with an initial focus on cancer and inflammatory diseases. Through our proprietary protein discovery platform, we have identified several other promising drug targets and candidates that we are validating preclinically.