Who We Are

We are a leading force in the discovery and development of protein therapeutics.

We are building a community of scientific and translational innovation in which extraordinary people collaborate to create protein therapeutics designed to address the needs of patients around the world who are in serious need of new treatment options.

Taking an unbiased approach to drug development

Our success comes from our ability to take an unbiased approach to screening for potential treatments using our powerful platform. Our team questions the fundamental roles that extracellular signaling proteins play in disease processes. We believe that the new pathways and targets revealed by these insights will allow us to develop new therapeutics for diseases that remain significant causes of suffering and death.

Building on our expertise in protein science, our platform has allowed us to fill our pipeline and our partners’ pipelines with novel product candidates. We also have a history of successful collaborations, providing us with the necessary resources to explore and expand our pipeline. ­

We are on a mission to improve the lives of patients with cancer and other serious diseases in ways never before possible.