Our powerful platform helps identify novel therapeutic pathways and targets.

We have built what we call our Investigational New Drug (IND) engine, which consists of our proprietary libraries of thousands of extracellular proteins, differentiated screening capabilities and protein therapeutic generation and engineering capabilities.

Explore our robotic platforms that we utilize to power our IND engine.

We have mastered the ability to create nearly every human protein in the extracellular domain. We can then screen each protein in our libraries in a matter of weeks to answer tough biologic questions, including the roles that proteins play in certain disease processes.  With the help of our robotic platforms, we are unique in that we can make the entire extracellular proteome week after week in a fully automated way, allowing us to generate insights that are unmatched.

Our access to nearly all the extracellular human proteins – which we believe is unmatched – raises our chances of finding medically relevant protein targets. Because we can produce and test thousands of proteins, and do not have to pick and choose any one protein, target or disease, our approach to target discovery is unbiased. Without that bias, we end up discovering novel and potentially best-in-class targets because we can screen our library of proteins agnostically.

Our discovery platform’s unparalleled breadth, coupled with its computing power, gives it the potential to be one of the world’s most powerful engines for generating clinical candidates in immuno-oncology.