Our Pipeline

Our unique IND engine has helped us identify novel pathways and targets in immuno-oncology and other areas.

Oncology-Focused Pipeline with Multiple Clinical Candidates

Cabiralizumab (FPA008)

CSF-1R antibody
2L pancreatic cancer (Combination with Opdivo® and chemo)
1L maintenance Stand Up To Cancer and BMS supported trial (with Opdivo®)
Multiple tumor settings (Combination with Opdivo®)
Apexigen & BMS supported trial for APX005M (anti-CD40), cabira and Opdivo®

Bemarituzumab (FPA144)

FGFR2b antibody
FIGHT Phase 3 trial (with chemo) in gastric/GEJ cancer


B7-H4 antibody
Multiple tumor settings


Multiple tumor settings


TIM-3 antibody
Phase 1/2 trial in multiple tumor settings
Multiple tumor settings
Multiple tumor settings