Our unique IND engine has helped us identify novel pathways and targets in immuno-oncology and other areas.

Despite recent progress in immuno-oncology (IO), many cancer patients do not respond adequately to approved IO agents.

One of our key priorities is building a comprehensive portfolio of IO therapeutic candidates that will impact the tumor microenvironment by inhibiting immune checkpoints, macrophages, and regulatory T cells, and by activating T cell agonist pathways. Our discovery platform is instrumental in helping us to identify novel targets for next-generation IO therapeutics.

Collaboration Agreements

We initiated a discovery collaboration with BMS in March 2014 for the discovery, development and commercialization of IO therapies directed toward targets identified using our discovery platform.

In 2018, BMS initiated clinical development for the first candidate under the immune checkpoint pathway discovery collaboration between the companies. This TIM-3 antibody, BMS-986258, is now in a Phase 1/2 trial as a single agent and in combination with OPDIVO®.

In addition, BMS elected to extend the research term to March 2019 and will provide additional funding to us for the extended term.

Under the terms of the discovery collaboration agreement, BMS has exclusive, worldwide rights to develop and commercialize products directed toward certain protein targets in three checkpoint pathways.