Strategic Collaborations

Five Prime develops its drug candidates both independently and in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners.

A part of our strategy is to establish product, clinical and discovery collaborations. These collaborations supplement our development, manufacturing, regulatory and commercialization capabilities, provide us with significant funding to advance our pipeline and validate our technology. Our discovery collaborations also have demonstrated the breadth of our discovery platform and validated our discovery capabilities. Because our discovery platform is broadly applicable, we plan to opportunistically establish additional discovery collaborations in cancer, immuno-oncology, inflammation or other disease areas if we believe that such collaborations are financially and strategically warranted.

  Product Initiated
Bemarituzumab (FPA144) License and Collaboration Agreement
December 2017
Cabiralizumab (FPA008) License and Collaboration Agreement
October 2015
  Research Area Initiated
Immuno-Oncology March 2014
Fibrosis and CNS March 2013
Respiratory Diseases April 2012